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Company overview

Just In Case-Chile was born as the first and unique company established upon the fundamentals of providing face to face on-site assistance services. In other words, we undertake all the necessary steps with the passengers, at the light of their insurance coverage, to help them to resolve any mishap while staying in Chile, operating in Santiago de Chile and in the Central Region of the country.
We aim towards accompanying, managing, taking care of, and containing the tourist upon any misadventure.
We are an assistance services company focused on solving domestic issues for foreign tourists. We have a high vocation, and also vast experience and knowledge for the way of solving problems for the travelers. Our greatest added values are, time-saving and calm providing for the tourists upon any misadventure.

"We think as tourists because we have been tourists for many years on different continents"

Our Expert Team

Sussan Cortés

Sussan Cortés CEO - Founder Partner

Sussan is an Engineer in Tourism Projects who has been in contact with travelers from all over the world. This fact has allowed her to know different type of issues to deal with when travelers have had some misadventure. Since Sussan has traveled and also had some misadventure on other continents she understands how somebody feels when having any problem while overseas.

German Carrizo

German Carrizo CGS - Founder Partner

German is a Civil Industrial Mechanical Engineer who lived and worked in different countries on different continents. Such an experience made him face different cultures and approaches when had an issue to solve. As such, G. Carrizo knows very well how somebody could feel when in an issue while abroad.

Elizabeth Cárdenas

Elizabeth Cárdenas COO - Chief Operating Officer

Elizabeth is a Tourism Technician with more than 30 years working in receptive tourism in Chile, organizing and operating trips to our country of passengers from different continents, knowing the requirements and needs of tourists in our country.