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Just In Case-Chile IS NOT AN INSURANCE COMPANY. We are a complementary Company to help you to make effective what you have contracted with your Insurance Company when you need it. Whoever activates your insurance policy, makes us help you to solve your problem, through our procedures.



We do not only focus on your specific current problem, but also take into consideration, your medical record when making it available for us.



We do all what it has to be done, to allow you, to proceed with your trip.


Robbery & Related

We activate and follow for you, all the necessary steps that have to be done with the police, and any other entity that may be necessary to.


Missing Passenger (Lost or Kidnapped)

We do not only activate all the necessary entities, but we also track, every followed step, by the different entities themselves, to ensure that they are acting with proper urgency.

We Love What We Do!

We aim towards accompanying, managing, taking care of, and containing the tourist during any misadventure that he/she may have.

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    why us

The experiences acquired during our travels to the different continents have allowed us to realize, that the tourists do not have any network of personalized support, which would simplify and improve their experience and protection while staying abroad.

Our services aim to accompany, manage, take care of, and contain the tourist during any misadventure in the country while visiting Chile.

It is a fact that the Spanish language is not an easy one to deal with and, Chilean Spanish is even more complicated due to all of, many shortcuts, pronunciation and that the on the street slang it is commonly used. We take this into account and provide our services in English, for the passengers to feel more comfortable with by being well informed at all times.

What we do, is to allow the passengers to count on us to go for the "steps that have to be done", while they are in a misadventure. In other words, we do all that it has to be done on their behalf, being accompanied "at all the time by Just in Case-Chile staff" when necessary.

Please, contact us for any question or request you may have.

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